SaltyTalk Sept 15th, 2014

SaltyTalk September 15th, 2014

More PBS style – so – EXTRA Mind Numbing!!

Cops Beat & Kidnap a 12yr Old Girl
Will Ferrell says Mugatu will be in Zoolander 2
Arkansas Judge Fired over Online Comments
Financial Collapse – Who Benefits?
Adrian Peterson Indicted for Child Abuse
Contractors Ready to Cash IN on ISIS War
4 Men Killed in 2 US Cities – Act of Islamic Jihad
Mother & Daughter Come Out about Lesbian Relationship
Execution by Elephant
The 5 Stages of Becoming an Anarchist
North Korea Requires Kim Jong Un Haircut
Mississippi election winner to be chosen at random – after tie vote.

And a little bit more … Some TV talk and whatnot …


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