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SaltyTalk LIVE August 23rd, 2017

SaltyTalk LIVE August 23rd, 2017
Topic Palooza
A Musical Dedication
New Mom Cut in Half
Growing New Noses
Blowing SMOKE Up Your Ass!
A proposed Buzzy / Scotty Live Feed
And a whole lot more!

14TH AMENDMENT A Law or a Contract?

IS THE 14TH AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION A LAW OR A CONTRACT? (author unknown) (You and the 14th Amendment) In America (under the Law of the Constitution); we have all the protections we need to shield us from abusive powers of an administrative government in that the administrators could not press us without "Probable Cause" (4th Amendment). A person had to be charged pursuant to a written Complaint which demanded a victim (injured party) and that Complaint must be supported by sworn affidavit. The way our God given Law in America was designed, a man could not be "compelled" to do anything he did not want to do. He was free to do anything he pleased provided Read more [...]

SaltyTalk LIVE June 15th, 2016

SaltyTalk LIVE … June 15th, 2016
Story Time: "LEGAL vs LAWFUL"
Question of the day: "Should we allow military trained personel to be members of civilian police? Even so far as those who were members of ROTC and JROTC?"
Alligator takes child at Disney…
And a whole lot more …
Show ran WAY long today!!

SaltyTalk January 11th, 2016

SaltyTalk January 11th, 2016
David Bowie Memorial …

Memorial segment starts at about 18 minutes into the show …


SaltyTalk January 6th, 2016

SaltyTalk January 6th, 2016 Story Time Today: "The New Patriots" From Patriots to Perverts today!! **BREAKING NEWS HEADLINES** Deported for insulting Food Oregon "Attack Owl" What's Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative Top 5 at 5 OH 5 North Korea H Bomb Police Union - Steroids OK for Cops. Cop beats man for Praying And a whole lot more!! Phone: 941-421-0401 & 941-621-2631 Das Fish (Andy) was out of pocket today (work). Miss Michelle from her hidden bunker - keeping the Google hand strong! Read more [...]

Salty’s Weekend Warmup Oct 30th, 2015

Salty's Weekend Warmup Oct 30th, 2015
"Paranormal Day"

Obama Authorizes Boots on Ground in Syria
Derp of the Day: Pat Robertson
Pot Brownie = Felony
Sleep is Racist
Fabian Trahan Interview


FMDG September 27th, 2015

Fort Myers Derby Girls
September 27th, 2015
Final Home Game of the Season

Remedy X Half Time Show (open MIC recording)

SaltyTalk September 30th, 2015

SaltyTalk September 30th, 2015 Story Time Today: "NOBODY has EVER Seen This Before!" TSA to stop Searching BLACK Women's hair 1 Dead from Legionnaires Disease in the Bronx Knife wielding thug + 17 Year old = Ass Whipped Top 5 at 5 of 5 (ish) High School Bullies MMA in High Schools? Significant Digits. And a whole lot more! Thanks for the call-in from Greg from Long Island! Read more [...]

SaltyTalk September 23rd, 2015

SaltyTalk September 23rd, 2015 Story Time Today: (In Honor of the end of the world and all) "Doomsday Seed Vault" ... The Conservative Welcome of the Pope Naked Joggers leave infant on beach Weird NFL rules Top 5 Stories of the Day A quick glance at the Global Economy Significant Digits And a whole lot more!! Read more [...]

SaltyTalk August 26th 2015

SaltyTalk August 26th 2015
Story Time: "Government THEFT"

Walmart to stop selling Semi-Auto Weapons
Dallas Texas area Police Slow to Respond
Important Pop Song Questions
And a whole lot more …