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YOU Are The Product

(Audio version for streaming/download at bottom of text) Reading through my Facebook feed – every day it is the same thing; People arguing over news stories – almost all of which have a hard slant to the right or the left. The stories have served their purpose in continuing and widening the divide in our country. Interestingly, almost all of these stories, if properly vetted fall closer to the middle of the road politically. Nobody wants to hear the other side of the story. Nobody wants to take the time to read past the first few lines before jumping to conclusions. Nobody wants to make an effort to actually find out if there happens to be another side to the story. If a story supports their pre-conceptions, they just run with it; they Read more [...]

Salty’s Weekend Warmup Jan 4th, 2019

Salty’s Weekend Warmup Jan 4th, 2019
– Doctor Corner (Is Buzzy an Asshole?)
– Boy Dead from SMELL of Fish
– Banned Backpack? MICROWAVE!
– Legionnaires Disease, from dirt
– Lifestyle Bowls
– Top 10 Resolutions
– Intestinal Parasite (Due to Lifestyle)
– Somebody didn’t get cake.
– Mizz Salty’s Homestead Update
And a whole lot more!

Salty’s RANT – January 2nd, 2019

Salty’s RANT January 2nd, 2019

Centurylink screwed the pooch.
ONCE AGAIN – Internet was Down at showtime.
Even when it IS up – CRC and Error Correction out the ass.
Worst Company EVER.

Hopefully we will have a show on Friday.

P.S. It took 2 & 1/2 minutes to upload this 4.7MB Audio file. Complete SHIT Service.