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SaltyTalk LIVE March 23rd, 2015 ‘Transgender Bigotry’

SaltyTalk LIVE March 23rd, 2015 'Transgender Bigotry ' Ted Cruz - is he "Natural Born"? Salty's Story Time: "The Power Struggle and Human Rights" A Pat Robertson moment ... 5 Big Moments from last nights Walking Dead. 5 Confessions of a Comcast Account Executive. Toilet Paper - the debate is OVER! Parents remove their daughter from school after a Transgender Teen is allowed in the women's restroom. Opinions and tirades commence. Suicide Rates of Transgender Teens. (As High as 70%) Suicide Rates of Transgender Adults. (As High as 78%) Read more [...]

The WIDGET Company

New from FlippinBachers n’ Fast Talkers The WIDGET Company! We Widget Differently. Products designed for OUR success. At the heart of WIDGET lies a healthy, ultra-premium line of satisfying and shareable products that are high-impact and high in demand. Whether your focus is on general nutrition and wellness, maintaining peak fitness levels, increasing daily energy or striving for real, healthy weight-loss, the innovative WIDGET product family provides superior nutrition* to help you meet your goals. And it’s all powered by a widget-based super-nutrient called Bullshit! *not proven by any scientifically backed study whatsoever – it just sounds good to say! THE Read more [...]

SaltyTalk January 12th, 2015

SaltyTalk January 12th, 2015

"Reverse Discrimination"
A visit with Greg & Sharon …

A SaltyTalk Excerpt – A Brief LIMU Review

A SaltyTalk Excerpt – A Brief LIMU Review
(ABD) Doctoral Candidate Alexis Harper & Masters Student Lorie Wood share their perspective on the LIMU Company and product …

SaltyTalk – Salty’s Story Time – Humanism and Materialism

SaltyTalk – Salty's Story Time – Humanism and Materialism
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