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The WIDGET Company!
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We Widget Differently.
Products designed for OUR success.

At the heart of WIDGET lies a healthy, ultra-premium line of satisfying and shareable products that are high-impact and high in demand. Whether your focus is on general nutrition and wellness, maintaining peak fitness levels, increasing daily energy or striving for real, healthy weight-loss, the innovative WIDGET product family provides superior nutrition* to help you meet your goals.

And it’s all powered by a widget-based super-nutrient called Bullshit!

*not proven by any scientifically backed study whatsoever – it just sounds good to say!


WIDGET-ORIGINAL Everyone strives for better health, and your body requires essential nutrients daily to maintain it. Introduce your body to a bullshit-rich core powerhouse of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that are wrapped in a flavorful blend of organic fruits aka superior nutrition. Chow down on a 1.6 oz. chunk of WIDGET ORIGINAL, and you’ll understand why WIDGET is the unquestioned WIDGET excrement market dominator. After all, you’ve only got one body. Pamper it with chunks of wonder.

  • BPA-Free recyclable PET plastic wrapper
  • Contains 83% pure reconstituted Texas Bullshit extract.
  • Bullshit-rich anti-inflammatory & anti-viral nutrients*
  • Natural, 4 turd blend (Nope, that’s not mango you’re tasting)
  • < 4 grams of naturally-occurring delicious sugars per 1.6 oz. serving
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • No high-fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial colors (100% natural brown, baby)

    *This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Ignite your endurance before a workout.
Jumpstart a night on the town.
Share good energy with no crash,

Caffeinated drinks and "energy bars" are consumed by 80% of adults in the U.S. daily – why not switch to one that not only pays you to eat it, but is allegedly healthy?

Too good to be chewed? (See WIDGET-EXTRA-JITTERYwhat we did there?) It’s not.

WIDGET Extra Jittery is a delicious meal replacement that is Bullshit-rich, and contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners, yet each chunk contains a burst of flavors your tastebuds will thank you for. Rethink your energy booster and Extra Jittery your mind!


  • 1.6 oz. one-size-fits-all snack bar (unless you have really tiny hands)
  • Contains a 1 oz. chunk of Bullshit-rich WIDGET ORIGINAL
  • 8000 mg. of natural occurring caffeine
  • A host of B vitamins (see what we did there?) & energy boosting ingredients
  • Low natural sugar content
  • No artificial flavors or colors, no artificial sweeteners

® ON.

Why weight? Make the decision now to take control of your fitness.

Let WIDGET provide the clean nutrition your body needs to help you reach your weight loss goals.

A complete weight loss and management system designed for lasting REAL results based on the scientifically proven method of placebo effect, SKINNY WISHES is the world’s only weight loss and meal replacement system to include Bullshit. Kickstart the commitment to yourself, and power your results with SKINNY WISHES.

  • WIDGET Meal Replacement Bars are built on 5 sources of the highest-grade bullshit on the market.
  • Endurance-boosting Appetite Controller curbs cravings and reduces diet fatigue, supports healthy blood sugar levels and encourages a more efficient digestive system*.
  • Gentle and efficient Colon Cleanse gently optimizes your digestive system with the aid of a single proprietary WIDGET nutritional blend.

    *none of this statement is scientifically proven – but it just sounds fantastic.


I know what you are saying to yourself;
WOW!! That sounds GREAT, but how can I make MONEY with the WIDGET Company?

Well, here is the way to get paid!!

New from FlippinBachers n’ Fast Talkers – The WIDGET Company!

There are 10 ways to get paid with the WIDGET compensation plan.
Here they are:

1. Retail Profits

Simply buy wholesale. Sell retail. And keep the difference – provided by the WIDGET compensation plan.

2. WIDGIDOO Kit Commissions (Paid Weekly)

Our WIDGIDOO Kits are the simplest way for you to get new Customers. Your new Customers can choose from our WIDGIDOO Kits that feature our flagship product, WIDGET ORIGINAL. All of your Customer orders are qualified at 100% of QV but pay at 50% of regular PV, and are paid out through a simple 6 level payout. The chart below indicates the WIDGIDOO Kit Commissions payout percentages by level. Yes, it is difficult to read, as well as believe – but, it doesn’t matter – just imagine that you get it all. All WIDGIDOO Kit Commissions are paid – weekly.


3. Fast Track Bonus (Paid Weekly)

Earn instant cash bonuses for sharing WIDGET products and sponsoring new distributors that purchase a Fast Track Widgi-Pack. This bonus is paid on Fast Track Widgi-Pack orders, and is your opportunity for immediate income!

4. First Order Bonus (Paid Weekly)

This WIDGET compensation plan cash bonus pays weekly on your first order for any products purchased other than items that comes with the initial membership package.

5. Level Bonuses (Paid Monthly)

Starting with the 2nd order, the WIDGET compensation plan Level Bonuses are paid based on product sales within your WIDGET organization, and are paid up to 8 levels deep on dynamically compressed volume. This is TRULY a great source of long-term income!

6. Ultimate Auto Program

Achieve the rank of 20WG and receive a $600 monthly cash bonus for the purchase or lease of an orange LAMBO courtesy of the WIDGET compensation plan. Or if don’t want a LAMBO, you can elect the Ultimate Cash payment of $300 per month.

7. Cash Bonus

The WIDGET compensation plan has a built in Significant Cash Bonus starting 100WG and higher. The WIDGET Compensation plan puts even more money in your account. When you’ve been paid at a new rank for three months in a row, WIDGET rewards you for your commitment with a one-time cash bonus. It’s really just that simple. It’s more money on top of money that you are already bilking!

8. Equity Compensation Program

This is an opportunity to earn ownership in the company you that have help to build. Qualification begins at the 500WG rank.

9. Pro Rata Bonus Pool (Paid Monthly)

Representing 5% of company volume, every WIDGET Member at the 20WG rank and above earns a pro rata share of the Bonus Pool based on group AUTOSHIP*.

*You are required to make minimum, monthly, guaranteed purchases of WIDGET to be automatically shipped to your home. No autoship = sorry bout your luck!

10. Three for Free Product (Earned Monthly)

When you share WIDGET with 3 Customers who are not enrolled as Members, and they place an online order of a WIDGIDOO Kit within a month, you are eligible to receive your following month’s order of equivalent (identical or lesser) value for free.


Becoming a Widget distributor – we love to call them WIDGETORs (Wi Ji Tors) – is simple, painless and FUN!

  1. SIMPLY decide how much WIDGET you think you can sling.

    WIDGIDOO Kit – WG1 includes a 30 day supply of Widget original (1 a day – you do the math) as well as 7 Widget Extra Jittery and 5 Widget Skinny Wishes. More than enough to get your stomach loaded with bullshit. It’s ONLY 499 to get started.

    1. A bargain at TWICE the price!!
    2. WIDGIDOO Kit – WG2 includes EVERYTHING from WIDGIDOO Kit WG1 – PLUS 60 Additional WIDGET Original, 21 Additional WIDGET Extra Jittery AND 45 Additional WIDGET SKINNY WISHES for ONLY 999 …
      Enough for you and enough to share with your friends!!
  2. After you decide your commitment level – just PAINLESSLY send us a check for the WIDGIDOO Kit you would like and before you know it . . .
  3. YOU are on the road to WIDGETy AWESOMENESS and … FUN!!

It’s just that simple, just that painless AND


On a side note – don’t let it bother you that you have to have sales in excess of at least 20 times your initial investment before your commissions get anywhere close to breaking even on your initial investment, or possibly even more, considering monthly autoship requirements and how long you have been getting your autoship. That mathematical stinker is just an annoyance – move along – nothing to see here.

Now that we are through with all the BULLSHIT
> Don't Become A Statistic <

  • Pyramid schemes offer money for simply recruiting people.
  • This money can come as a commission from the sale of a starter kit or as a recruiting "bonus".
  • Avoid any MLM that puts much more emphasis on recruiting salespeople than selling the actual product.
  • Beware of any MLM that allows five or more levels of distributors to collect commissions on a single sale.
  • Avoid signing up for an MLM as part of a high-pressure motivational event.
  • Be wary of anyone who tries to sell you on an MLM by flaunting their personal wealth.


Over 90% of people involved in pyramid schemes lose money.

99.88% of people involved in Product Based MLM's

MLM schemes are just that – Schemes …
If you want to learn The TRUTH about MLM's and
how to spot if they are just a new fangled pyramid

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If it seems too good to be true
it probably is …