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SaltyTalk LIVE April 25th, 2018

SaltyTalk LIVE April 25th, 2018
– Miss Lorie in studio
– Bob Dorough 'Schoolhouse Rock' dies at 94
– Publix employee punched by customer
– Wawa Secret Menu
– Jailed for flipping off speed camera
– Alfie Evans quandry
And a whole lot more


SaltyTalk LIVE April 4th, 2018

SaltyTalk LIVE  April 4th, 2018 - The Reason For The Wage Gap! - Meth for Kids! - Home Invasion! Weapon unfair advantage for homeowner. - At 90minutes in -- Representative (Scott Legere) from Tetra Health Centers to discuss Medical Cannabis and its benefits, Jeff Sessions decree, concealed carry, possible impacts on your rights. - And a whole lot more! ========================= Thanks to Scott Legere at   Read more [...]