A Christmas Gift for Trump

Santa Clause came down the chimney a few days early for President Trump this year when the House of Representatives, along pretty damn strict party lines, voted to impeach him on charges of “Obstruction of Congress” and “Abuse of power”.

Trump has got to be grinning ear to ear at this point. No doubt that he appreciates this gift bestowed upon him by Pelosi. He made comments at his Wednesday night rally in Battle Creek, Mich., saying it doesn’t really bother him – but you know by that twinkle in his eye that he is kinda pissed. Allegedly, he has made some private comments about being impeached for a while now, calling it “a bad thing to have on your resume”. But let’s just wait and see. I have been stung by making assumptions about this guy and I would bet that by the end of this weekend, Trump will surely be happier than Clark Griswold, at first aggravated with the whole ‘Jelly of the Month Club’, then reaping the benefits of a fantastic bonus. Yes, he did kidnap his boss but, it all worked out in the end. LOL.  The articles of impeachment will quite rightfully be put up on a pedestal by Trump in the coming weeks and used as a focal point in his waltz for a second White House term. And yep, it will probably be smooth as a waltz.

Impeachment was, without doubt, absolutely THE stupidest thing the Democrat controlled House could have thrown at Trump. NOW that they have thrown this dirty baby diaper, they have nothing left in their backpack of tricks. The left is dancing with glee over the articles of impeachment, but these articles are pretty much Dead on Arrival if/when they arrive at the Senate. Sad really, because a full-on trial would actually drain the swamp.

You don’t need to be a political science major to see Trump can and will turn this into an advantage. Just remember when Robert Mueller released his report in April, Trump had the balls to describe it as a personal exoneration. There is no doubt that he will do the same thing with his Senate trial and ultimately, his acquittal. He will be able to hold the proceedings’ high above his head as proof that his phone call with Ukraine President Zelensky really was “perfect.”  After all of this impeachment debacle, just watch as he campaigns HARD on the Mueller report and the Senate acquittal as evidence that he did nothing wrong.

Not only have the Democrats in the House of Representatives dumped their load, they have without a doubt, set the stage for a landslide Trump victory in 2020.

Like it or not, the House just gifted Trump 4 more years.

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