SaltyTalk October 8th, 2014

SaltyTalk October 8th, 2014

Nero's Revelation …

Did Nero REALLY play the fiddle while Rome Burned?
Is Revelation(s) actually about Nero?

Walmart cuts benefits …

And a whole lot more!


3 Responses to SaltyTalk October 8th, 2014

  1. Greg says:

    Hey Mark, Salty Talk Topic:

    Recently I have been made aware that my Son has been subjected to the following at his High School by the administration.. and no its not something to put in the bully box lol… but a hair more of this and the machine will have crossed the following lines.  Everything a School is charged to protect and educate against.

    Political Censorship, Civil Rights infringement of the 1st Amendment, Discrimination, Labeling, Formatting, manipulating individual thoughts of the administration through implied leverage, Limiting free thought.

    No, He is not Black, Not Mexican, Not a considered of today's Majority.. he is the new minority … White, taxpaying, hardworking, middle class, unprivileged born and raised American.  He (nor we his parents) does not want to be assimilated!

    Guess what this is all about… Mounting (3) Flags on his Redneck  Pickup Truck.  Left to Right (1) American Flag (mounted higher than the others) (1) Do not tread on me Flag, (1) Confederate Flag.

    He has been told that they (the Flags) are causing discomfort, they are racially radical, and they are not permitted on school grounds.

    I am going to the parking lot tomorrow to photograph every car to tally up the obama stickers on the cars Brandishing the illegal representation of the American Flag that obama has created.  (there is actually an American Flag Code, he violates it with that production).

    The schools are changing the face of America from the ground up.. this is where the war on democracy is lost.


  2. Greg says:

    Hey buddy….

     How are things in salty talk land…

    I keep trying to make the show but work has got me pinned in!  Any chance of archiving that show we were all on, I was looking to play it out for a friend here in the land of no. 


    How ow is the fan?  Say hello to C for us.  Talk with you soon.