Indeed, Just 7% Of What Donald Trump Says Is Factually Accurate

When Trump’s many statements were fact-checked, it was discovered that only 7% of what the presidential candidate spouts is true.


This recent news shouldn’t be surprising to most readers.

When Politifact rated a number of Trump’s tweets and so-called ‘facts’, it was discovered that of all 70 statements only five were “mostly true.” That’s a measly 7%! 

Nearly 13, or almost one out of every five, were rated “Half True.” Another nine, or 13%, were rated “Mostly False.”

One of Trump's lies.

In addition, 14 – or one out of every five checked – were so egregiously false, they earned a “Pants on Fire” false rating.

This means 74%, or nearly 3/4 statements made by the presidential candidate, were false to some degree.


Ben Carson, the spirited candidate who believes the Egyptian pyramids were constructed to store grain, scored lower than Donald Trump. (No surprise there, right?) Only one of Carson’s statements earned a a mostly true, and just three managed to score half true.


How did Bernie Sanders compare? 54% of his statements were rated either true or mostly true, and he had no pants-on-fire lies.Trump_4

Jeb Bush tells the truth about 46% of the time.


Not every liar is equal, however. Most of what Donald Trump spouts is being used as a propaganda tool to rally fear and hate. According to The New York Times, Trump spreads his lies through social media (and far too many people believe everything they read on the internet), therefore mainstream media isn’t doing its job of calling him out.

Hopefully, more scrutiny will follow.

We’ll let Jonathon Capehart of The Washington Post put the Big Apple billionaire’s lies into perspective:


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