Britney Spears’ Isolated Vocal Track

Holy Hell … To say the very least …

Certain things are better left unheard: Britney Spears' alleged actual singing voice, in this allegedly isolated vocal track from a 2001 Las Vegas concert is quite possibly one of those things.

Is it unfair to be critical and/or judgemental about this? Actually she's not even really supposed to be singing. Her basic job in Vegas is to look like she looks and wiggle it around as much as possible. However, it's difficult not to compare the thing below to outstanding isolated vocals from The Beatles, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston and even Kurt Cobain.

Really wanna push it? Check out Bobby Brown!

I suppose it is possibile that this is a fan (or hater)-made fake. But, to be safe about it – let's just agree to never ask Britney to do anything besides lip sync! Ok?

I think I will go out in the back yard and listen to the neighborhood cats fighting. Anything to get that sound out of my head. I will say it again: Holy Hell …


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