SaltyTalk is The quintessential “Show About Nothing“. (or maybe it’s everything)

But, we talk about anything and everything.  From gardening and lawn care, dating and advice, Best beer, cheap beer, who is the biggest whore, trucking, trucking whores and toe-nail fungus to religion and geo politics, the news of the day, back yard BBQ’s, the best marinade and dry rub for smokin’ ribs – and pretty much whatever else that comes up.

No subject is taboo. Everyone’s opinion gets heard! Even if it is wrong – which is the best!

Seldom do we have a format or fixed topic in mind when we begin a show (aside from ‘Salty’s Story Time’ – and that is pretty rare anymore). If anything, we may have a stack of items that have caught our interest throughout the day/week and we bring it up in conversation. Once the phone lines open up (which is virtually from the very beginning of the show) things become like sitting around the kitchen table with family or having a talk with friends at the bar.

Only 1 rule: You gotta have thick skin.
Insults are plentiful at times. Odds are, whatever your point of view – someone will argue about it, just to piss you off.

Join in with Salty, Mrs Salty, Das Fish (Andy from his bunker in Tenn.) , sometimes Buzzard Bob, sometimes Jason from Leesburg, sometimes KD from the OB, sometimes Scott from St Louis, sometimes Tre Bien Fahan (ala Fabian Trahan of Trahan Apps!) as well as ALL of the amazing, interesting, intriguing callers that;

Join The Conversation!

Always a Fun Time! Well, when somebody isn’t pissed off about something.
Then it’s extra fun!!

Catch “SaltyTalk” on: Wednesdays & Fridays from 6PM EST to 9PM EST.

Some show replays are available in STR Archives in Salty’s Blog.
Most shows are ONE and DONE. So, if you miss it- it’s a sad day and sorry about your luck. LOL.